I work with conscious creatives, professionals and entrepreneurs.

We focus on knowing who you are, first. You may be the best lawyer, banker, physician, whatever, in your area, but if you are unaware of your pesky blind spots, that's what kills creativity and mucks about with success. Don't get me wrong - lots of my mentoring sessions are about productivity, strategy, systems, apps. They're mostly, though, about the one using those tools: YOU!


Click on the video.  It's packed with good questions I get asked all the time. 

My approach to mentoring is simple and it focuses on four quadrants. Here they are in a nutshell:

What's working and what's not working?

Whatever you want to change, we'll work together to develop a plan, understand what it'll take to get there, and what's missing from your personal tool-kit.

Do you have the Talent, Strengths, and Knowledge?

I use real time feedback tools and assessments, and chunk the data into smaller pieces that can be more readily integrated.  It's not each of your talents separately - it's how they fit together to make the whole. 

How well do you know yourself? (AKA, what if success hinges more on who you really are, and not about learning some technical skill or about how to fit in with others?)

I used to call this section 'character' - not anymore. This is about identity - not social identity, but a far more lasting sense of who and what you are, and exactly what and how you can integrate that into your life. 

The hardest part about knowing yourself is knowing HOW you 'break into jail!' We all do it, whatever ego-based fear or block we have, it will and does get us into trouble, and it takes consistent work to break back out. Having a co-pilot means someone else is looking where you aren't. Very helpful! :) .... Go check out the mini-classes - see announcement bar at top of any page - they'll help you with this part a lot!

Who supports you?

Friends, connections, and mentors help us make the moves that will make an impact. We'll mobilize yours. (PS. I'm one of them!)


What do you need to know in order to make a good decision about whether you're ready, willing, and able to begin this work?

  • What is Coaching? Mentoring?
    • Coaching can shift a current situation and mentoring can help you achieve higher levels of mastery.
  • How many hours a week? 
    • Depends, plan on about 2-3 hours of homework.
  • How long has Kelleen been doing this work? 
    • 12 years
  • Was she trained? 
    • Yup, as a coach and mentor: Master's from Johns Hopkins, Post-Grad Certificate in East West Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies, Certified Emotional Intelligence consultant, CEB Executive Advisor to C-Suite Leaders across the Global for almost 5 years. In private practice since 2003.
    • Yup again, as a business and executive mentor:  Columbia University, MBA, St. Mary's Notre Dame grad, B. of Business Administration.
  • What does it cost? 
    • until July 1st: $150/session. 
  • What kind of things can I bring up in a session? 
    • Whoa, how much time do you have? Ok, short list: purpose, personality, how-to?, new job or boss, interviewing, negotiating a new salary, working with difficult people, public speaking fears, becoming self employed, money concerns, work stress.