Getting the right group of people around the table is the most important task of a leader. Get it right, and the team moves effortlessly. Get it wrong and well, we all know what happens then. Dysfunctional behaviors, lack of communication, rogue strategies, and basically, chaos. Nobody wins. After researching and working with teams in non-profits, small businesses, restaurants, and hi-tech start-ups, I designed a process to help groups first learn about each other, and then apply that knowledge to the mission of the organization.

Here are a few services I can provide for you and your team:

Photo by Ridofranz/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Ridofranz/iStock / Getty Images

Aligning the Team

The first step is to develop a map of how everyone interacts with each other. I use the enneagram assessment for this, and people love it! They use the information they receive for all aspects of their lives, not just professionally. It develops EQ, provides a baseline for communicating, and identifies blind spots that often contribute to conflict and poor performance. 

Get started: individual enneagram review with each team member

Photo by EtiAmmos/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by EtiAmmos/iStock / Getty Images

Clarifying the Mission/Roles & Clearing the Air

Once the team map is created, an interesting by-product of this process is role clarification. Based upon individual strengths, team members self assess where their roles can be expanded, and where they'll need support to grow into the role they've been assigned. This is where I find a lot of the conflict resides and why I include this discussion in any leadership team retreat or learn-shop. Misunderstandings about who is doing what tasks, how responsibility is assigned, and who has the authority to make decisions along with the exact process for making a decision are often at the source of team dysfunction. Clearing the air is essential to aligning the team with the mission and goals, and moving the whole organization to high performance.

Half day seminar/learn-shop or Whole day Session

Photo by bowie15/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by bowie15/iStock / Getty Images

Team Mentor

This is my role. I'm hired by my clients to be an on-call, off-site resource for the whole team. As in the above picture, my job is to see the organizational map of people, place, and roles, and to support the on-going alignment of each.  Outcome: strong collaborative and resilient cultures and optimal performance. My background combines psychology, business, applied sciences, and human dimensions training. It means that I function as a sounding board, a skill builder, and an influencer, as well as a provider of business and human insights. I can work with one individual on the team, several, or all of the team.

Get started: 10 session retainer/on call package.

Client Spotlight


As a mentor, facilitator, leader, and speaker Kelleen is truly gifted in her calling to help others aspire to their greatest potential. As a new mom balancing work and life Kelleen was an absolutely essential lifeline for my career. Working with Kelleen helped me tap into my own authentic leadership style and find/refine my truest voice. In facilitating our team's group session Kelleen was a catalyst for a remarkable shift that helped unify and propel my entire team forward during a period of transition. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Kelleen - allowing her to speak into your life with her natural wisdom and courage could be one of the best decisions you make not only for your career but for all areas of your life.

- Caroline Skinner, Sr. VP of Human Resources, Tupelo Honey Cafe Restaurants, Winter, 2018

"I first met with Kelleen for assistance in guiding me through a difficult time at work. After a few sessions, I was so impressed with her work, that I asked her to coach my entire leadership team. Her coaching helped us to better understand each other's strengths, weaknesses and communication styles. A year later, I am still sending members of my leadership team to her. Her coaching sessions have contributed to the success of our team individually, and to our organization as a whole."
- Brewier Welch, Executive Director, Brooks Howell Home, Asheville, Winter, 2018

“Her work is really unique. What she brought ..was both sides of the brain at a very deep level. We were going through a big transition. Kelleen really had the skill set to manage it. It’s one thing to talk about it and another to be able to do it..... She was indispensable!”
- Rene Ancinas, CEO, Port Blakely, Seattle


“I have been working with Kelleen for over two years now and she has been a tremendous help for me both professionally and personally. She is very well versed in many subjects and can handle anything I throw at her, with expertise. She always has something in her tool bag for what ails me, staying in tune with the smallest details, and at the same time helping me stay on track with my long term mission. I feel very comfortable in recommending her for anyone looking for a coach.”
- Moises Rivera, founder & owner, NRL Mortgage, Austin, TX