My approach to mentoring is simple - focus on the basic four questions that are essential for any change to happen. 

What's working and what's not working?

Whatever you want to change, we'll work together to develop a plan, understand what it'll take to get there, and what's missing from your personal tool-kit.

Do you have the Talent, Strengths, and Knowledge?

I use real time feedback tools and assessments, and chunk the data into smaller pieces that can be more readily integrated.  Specifically I have been using the Enneagram in my practice for almost 8 years. I combine this assessment with the Strengthsfinder2.0 and tailor the feedback to each client. If you haven't heard of the Enneagram, you're in for a treat - get ready to finally understand your colleagues and laugh at your own idiosyncrasies. It's that accurate! And, it's just made it into the business sphere with this Forbes article dated March 6, 2017: Here's How Your Personality Type Affects your Decisions At Work. 

Who supports you?

Friends, connections, and mentors help us make the moves that will make an impact. We'll mobilize yours. (PS. I'm one of them!)

How well do you know yourself? (AKA, what if success hinges more on who you really are, and not about learning some technical skill or about how to fit in with others?)

I used to call this section 'character' - not anymore. This is about identity - not social identity, but a far more lasting sense of who and what you are, and exactly what and how you can integrate that into your life. 

The hardest part about knowing yourself is knowing HOW you 'break into jail!' We all do it, whatever ego-based fear or block we have, it will and does get us into trouble, and it takes consistent work to break back out. Having a co-pilot means someone else is looking where you aren't. Very helpful! :)

Pick a Package. Make a Plan.

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I always answer messages within 24 hours unless I'm on vacation and I'll post that when it happens. Reach out to me and give me a few good times to contact you and we can set up a call or I can email with answers to your specific questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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