How do I define life-changing? Kelleen as my coach!!! From working with her, I am truly connected with myself - what I value and how I bring value. Kelleen helps me see options as well as obstacles and then take action to achieve whatever I want. She is a tremendous partner for gaining knowledge, receiving tough love when needed, and feeling infinite support and encouragement! Through our collaboration, I am more present and confident, living with much more peace, joy, and intention! THANK YOU, Kelleen!!! My coaching relationship with her is a life-changing gift to myself for MY SELF!!! Wouldn’t you want the same? I highly recommend coaching from Kelleen to create those limitless, life-changing opportunities for YOUR SELF!!!

Liz Bauer, Aerospace Project Manager AND Newly Certified Professional Coach, Houston, TX, 2010 - Present

Kelleen has done a fantastic job helping to mold me into my better self. She listens to my concerns and desires and then brings insights that help me identify what makes me happy and where I really want to take my career. She is my biggest supporter and my most honest advisor. Something you can't get without an outside viewpoint. I highly recommend coaching and Kelleen!

Pam Kroeper, eCommerce, CapGemini, 2017

In a time of transition and healing after a personal crisis, I was guided to Kelleen. I was ready to leave my day job and start my own spiritually-based business, but I did not have near clarity enough to know where or how to start. She brought me back to my foundation and helped me realize that I can "walk a mystical path with practical feet." Kelleen introduced me to several unique tools that I now use daily to grow both personally and professionally. Her personalized approach and ability to corral my gigantic dreams have made her an irreplaceable mentor. I got so much out of our first 10 sessions that I decided to work with her on a retainer basis, too. The insight she provides helps me not only in manifesting a business, but also living a purposeful and joyful life. I highly recommend her coaching, even if you aren't sure what your path is yet. She will help you find it!

Lindsay Moore,

While most people turn to their family and friends (or internal reflection) to help them navigate some of life's biggest shifts, I can say first-hand that having a mentor who is unbiased and expertly trained to listen for the important things that are often hidden in between the words you say is irreplaceable. Kelleen has an innate ability to "see" the true purpose and soul within people and joins you hand-in-hand along your journey to self discovery. I have called on her a number of times when life threw me curve balls (career shifts, monumental life events, and even interpersonal conflicts)...each time she has delivered the kind of empowering truth I needed to push through and become more insightful, confident, and ready to embrace big change. I'd strongly urge anyone who's on the fence about needing a coach to try her free consultation—you'll be hooked (and a more whole person from that moment on).

Erin Pfiffner, Creative Lead @ YEXT, formerly, CEB


Kelleen Griffin is simply a genius. I highly recommend working with her anytime you are facing a job change or need a new position, or even need your resume redesigned. Her advice and expertise in negotiations are absolutely necessary to get what you want... she makes it so easy too - she tells you exactly what to say - and what NOT to say.... I have been so impressed and have been very successful with her as my secret weapon helping me navigate the work environment.

Heather Shirin Neff, Siteimages


Kelleen is an excellent sounding board and coach. She has helped me identify new perspectives on my career as well as given me support through tough moments. Her willingness to listen and skill at providing thought-provoking guidance has granted me with more insight as a manager. Kelleen is definitely a partner to have on your side whether you are looking to make a change or just need a new perspective on your career!

Christina Naumann, At Home, Inc.

Kelleen is very professional, personable, and excels as a business coach. She is upfront and transparent about the coaching process. She let me know that the process required a level of commitment and hard work, in order to grow as a person. The advice was not always what I wanted to hear, but it was ultimately what I needed to hear, in order to achieve success in key areas of my business... Having Kelleen as a sounding board is priceless. I would not hesitate to recommend Kelleen to a colleague or a friend.

David Naumann, HP


“Her work is really unique. What she brought ..was both sides of the brain at a very deep level. We were going through a big transition. Kelleen really had the skill set to manage it. It’s one thing to talk about it and another to be able to do it..... She was indispensable!”

Rene Ancinas, CEO, Port Blakely, Seattle

Kelleen is a "born" coach. She combines an innate sense for people and their motivations - what makes someone "tick" - with a well-grounded understanding of organizational behavior theories and her own practical and life experience to provide a unique coaching and mentoring experience. I recommend her highly, and am happy to elaborate in more detail if needed.

Navin Kunde, Partnerships Leader @ Clorox, ex-CEB

Kelleen's ability to help me navigate through strategic as well as tactical questions was invaluable and continues to be so. Once our initial package was completed, it became obvious to me that I wanted to continue working with her. Six months laters, I can't think of a single thing in my entire career that has made such an impact on my effectiveness at my job or my attitude toward my work life."

Vera Natasha Hinojosa, Netspend

Kelleen brings with her not only her many years of experience, but also keen intuition and experience in dealing with people and organizations. She has a gift for making the complex understandable.....and her humor, energy, and warmth make her an engaging and dynamic speaker and facilitator.

Lindsay Geyer, Former VP of HR, Port Blakely, Seattle

Kelleen is an amazing coach who will help you figure out what it is that you want to be when you grow up, and then work with you to map out every step that will get you there. The work that you'll do with her is hard, but you'll come out of it having a better understanding of who you are, why you do the things you do, and how to be successful on your terms in an authentic, ethical way...

Catherine Choe, Founder @ TFL Compass, ex- CEB

Kelleen is very strategic in her approach to assisting her clients. She spelled out a solid strategy for our sessions. However, she was flexible and has often let me drive the meetings, especially if there is something more pressing to discuss. In addition to the time spent during our sessions, she makes herself available for any questions between sessions. This is not common! If you are looking for someone to help you pursue your next dream job or just to offer unbiased guidance, Kelleen is truly the person.

Dean Silbert, CallSocket, CA

A few more thoughts from my clients

"Kelleen is a great coach. She effectively supported me through the process of understanding my strengths to effectively position myself on the market. She helped me to analyze myself to become more aware of my qualities and to increase my self-confidence."  Federico Romani, Director of Finance, Oil & Gas Industry, Italy

"Kelleen is an excellent coach and guide if you are looking for a career change. Over the course of a year, she patiently coaxed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to consider different career paths, one of which I ultimately followed..."   Susan Fleischmann, Stanford University

"Exceptional ally, extremely knowledgeable, outstanding commitment to your success, and gifted with years of experience and expertise."  Tammarrian Rogers, Microsoft

"I used Kelleen's coaching services for a few sessions, given the short time I had, and these sessions were crucial in determining the next steps on my career path. She has a great capacity to quickly absorb and understand who you are, and then prepare a plan to improve your best characteristics. I highly recommend her coaching services, even if you do not live in the US."   Andre Olivo, Walmart Brazi

"Kelleen guided me through my mixed-up thoughts and tangents, while holding my potential firmly.  I experienced being embraced by her embodiment of compassion and vision, while allowing “what is” and naming it.   By the end of our ten sessions, I experienced a type of after-image:  my squiggly way of process had brought me to a resolution of the “why?” when I approached Kelleen as my life coach."  Ruth Lawrence, Health Coach Institute student

"Kelleen helped me at the exact moment I had several job interviews. I needed practice, and the role play work we did was amazing. I felt prepared, and better yet, I got the job!" Richa Bansal, Informatics

"Kelleen has been a wonderful life coach. I initially worked with her in 2011, and worked with her again this year, in 2013. She has helped me to find my path, and my strength. I highly recommend her!" Judith Kahan, Tour Director

"She has a natural gift for teaching and coaching and any school, institution or client that interacts with her will notice that and surely will be able to follow their leadership path."  Caroline Yokomizo, Deloitte & Touche Brazil

"When I started working with Kelleen, my company was in a growth phase....Kelleen helped me to navigate the shifting landscape.  My company let go of aproximately 25% of their managment team in a short period of time. I believe that Kelleen's coaching facilitated my ability to survive and thrive during the transition. Thank you Kelleen!"  Cathy Kaufman, Health & Wellness Coach

I am very grateful to all my clients who have graciously granted permission for their stories to be shared. Thank you.