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“While the world’s workplace has been going through extraordinary historic change, the practice of management has fallen behind how people work, live and want to experience their lives. We need to adapt.”

- Gallup, Clifton + Harper, 2019 “It’s the Manager”


Getting the right group of people around the table is the most important task of a leader. Get it right, and the team moves effortlessly. Get it wrong and well, we all know what happens then. Dysfunctional behaviors, lack of communication, rogue strategies, and basically, chaos. Nobody wins. After researching and working with teams in non-profits, small businesses, restaurants, and hi-tech start-ups, I designed a program to help groups first learn about each other, and then apply that knowledge to the mission of the organization.


Team I.D. Reset


Overview: One-hour discussion with you and your team or group, building team cohesion, professional development and personal growth. Using the enneagram, we look at the styles of communication, meaning making and listening skills of each member of the group and as a whole. This introductory workshop sets the foundation for a dedicated, high performing culture. Outcomes include higher EQ, lower absenteeism, greater productivity, and highly profitable fun working groups.

1-10 people: $375.00, 1 hour

11-20 people: $775.00, 1 hour 15 minutes.

Format: Live

LOCAL BUSINESS AREA - Portland, Sherwood, Tualatin, Tigard, McMinnville and Newberg, Oregon

**There are only a few Resets available each month and they go quickly so book in advance!

Advisory Partnership

1:1 mentoring and executive coaching - 5 to 15 SESSIONS

For Owners + Leaders

Overview: This is for you if you want to start with your own goals. Business owners contact me with all different kinds of pain points. Overwhelm, no support staff, grew too quickly, not growing fast enough, lack of passion, mature business, team is not cohesive, exit strategy. This is a series of 5 – 15 sessions, where we’ll identify the pain points specifically, what your part in each is, and map out next steps to shift the situation or challenge.

Format: Live, phone or Zoom

Whole Team Advisory

1:1 Mentoring and executive coaching - MINIMUM 3 MONTHS

For Leadership Team, Board or Department

Overview: Once leaders experience the benefits of their individual sessions, most want to bring the process to the Whole Team. Here, we’ll schedule 1:1 calls with each member of the team, and using the enneagram, develop a map of how everyone interacts with each other. My clients love it! They use the information they receive for all aspects of their lives, not just professionally either. It develops EQ, provides a baseline for communicating, and identifies blind spots that often contribute to conflict and poor performance. Depending on the culture and specific goals, this work can be done virtually one-on-one and then a team session scheduled to pull it all together is the next step. See ½ day or full day retreat.

Format: Live, phone or Zoom

1/2 or Full Day Workshop

Overview: Once the team map is created, an interesting by-product of this process is role clarification. A lot of conflict resides in the unspoken assumptions of how we all work, both individually and collectively. Misunderstandings about who is doing what tasks, how responsibility is assigned, and who has the authority to make decisions, not to mention the exact process for making a decision, are often at the source of team dysfunction. Hey, people are brilliant AND messy. This gives the Whole Team new language and some tools to be less messy and more brilliant and allows you to integrate that new understanding into the remainder of the workshop. Typical workshops focus on:

Strategic Planning

Culture Chaos/Crisis

Team Re-Sets

Board Retreats

Organizational Planning

Mapping out the team can be combined with any of the above goals to set the stage for collaboration and a productive workshop outcome.

Format: Live

Follow Up Mentoring Retainer

Overview: Studies show that a one-and-done approach to professional development is at best not sustainable and at worst a waste of money and time. Providing a custom number of hours per month for team members to ask questions and develop new pathways to success, reinforces the initial learning and catches them in the act of doing something well! I'm hired by my clients to be an on-call, off-site resource for the whole team. My job is to see the organizational map of people, place, and roles, and to support the on-going alignment of each.  Outcome: strong collaborative and resilient cultures, optimal performance, and enduring businesses. This is an exceptional place to work, where people feel seen, heard, and understood.

Format: Live, phone or Zoom

Bundle: Work Well Program


Overview: Often a business owner or leader will hire me to work with them first and then quickly decide The Whole Team Package is what their organization needs. By bundling the services together, you and your team get first priority on dates for any of your sessions, you lock down one person – me – to be responsible for maintaining the human side, aka messy side, of your enterprise and you get the price break for booking all services together.

Format: Live, phone or Zoom

Book Me To Speak

My background combines psychology, business, applied sciences, and human dimensions training. It means that I function as a sounding board, a skill builder, and an influencer, as well as a provider of business and human insights. I love speaking with groups about what the new work place looks like, who’s doing what, and how to take small steps toward creating a work culture that you’re truly proud of and participate in. Topics I’m asked to speak on include EQ, Enneagram for Work, Providing Helpful Feedback, Leadership and Teams, Trauma at Work, and The Foundation of All Great Culture-Making: Awareness.


Don’t take my word for it…

Psst. Sidebar. Just so you know…

We’d be an A-Team if…

  • You are a business owner (or senior leader) in a mission-driven organization. 

  • Your business is established, more than 3 years.

  • You’re ready to take the necessary steps to fix the culture or set a new strategy.

  • You’re open to the process including self discovery using the enneagram. 

We’d likely not be an ideal team if…

  • You’re a brand new business. 

  • Self awareness/discovery feels too squishy for the work world.

  • You’d ideally like to do the facilitation yourself.

  • Your team lacks diversity (Unless this is what you’re trying to change, then count me in!).