Duration: 10 - one hour long mentoring/coaching sessions

Format: Live, phone or Skype

Cost: $2,395 

Overview: Pack your bags!  This is the package for you if you've decided that things have to shift. All of the clients listed on the testimonials page started with this package. The learning curve is steep, we'll work together for about four months, not just during your session either. I'll be available between sessions so you have constant support. There will be a ton of exciting information, discovery, and insight.  We will delve deep into how you like to operate, what makes you happy, what doesn't, what do you do well, your likes and dislikes.  We'll look at your natural skills, the ones you are familiar with and the ones you've forgotten. This will be about ideas, feedback, networking, communication skills. And I'll walk with you the whole way, make suggestions, offer guidance, connect you with people I know and help you stay the course. You will move your life forward, and new options will present themselves, often in areas you never even thought of.

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