A seismic shift has taken place at work - what we do and how and where we do it is radically changing. Except for a few intrepid social scientists, it’s hardly been noticed. Decades from now, we’ll look back on the early 2000’s and see that tiny fraction of the working population - the ones who actually are satisfied with work - led the way to these changes. But right now, for everyone else - it’s the proverbial frog in the pot - the heat is slowly beginning to boil, and yet, we stay put, “Dying For A Paycheck” as Jeffrey Pfeffer and his Stanford colleagues suggest in the book by the same title.



Disengaged & Actively disengaged Workers

62% of all workers are disengaged from work, and another 28% are actively - read: HATE - their work, according to Gallup 2013. “Ninety percent of adults spend half their waking lives doing things they would rather not be doing at places they would rather not be.” (B. Schwartz)



Average # of Hours Americans spend looking at a screen each day

10 hours watching some pixels on a screen! According to Marketwatch.com this figure just keeps going up.


$190 Bn

work Stress Related Health Costs

A group of Stanford professors released their research findings recently citing up to $190 billion in additional healthcare costs associated with workplace stress.