Mentoring Programs for Work

It's go time! KG Mentoring has a big announcement.

Beginning Sept. 1, I will be providing select companies and organizations a private concierge-type service, called the Organizational Mentoring Program (OMP). This offering fills an important gap between management consulting firms, professional training and coaching organizations and the companies they serve. The OMP provides a direct-to-employee personal & professional development pathway, tailored to each individual's unique personality and way of working.

Here's the idea. Leaders need to stay focused on building enduring, prosperous workplaces. Often, the professional development of their colleagues and teammates is a critical success factor to achieving that goal, but there isn't enough time and especially expertise to get it right and make it stick. Leaders struggle to 'do it all' - be the coach, be the leader, be the strategist, be the sales person, be the 'face' of the business, and so on. And sometimes they succeed, but far too often, they fall short of the mark.

And the message is everywhere. From Harvard Business Review to academia to leadership conferences, the myth of the SuperHero Leader who knows everything about each of their employees and can shift communication technique on a dime to accommodate each individual's unique personality and way of working is pervasive.

And wrong. 

I've been a mentor and a student of human nature and the human side of enterprise for almost 20 years. Last year, I piloted the Organizational Mentoring Program at three companies, all with great success. In each case we used the Enneagram assessment, and it was wildly popular for its accuracy and the fun of self-discovery both individually and as a team. Based on the understanding promoted by the information in the Enneagram assessment, the teams began working together in fundamentally different ways. 'Normal messy humans' could relate to each other in new ways, and build connection and cohesiveness that turned into a dividend that dropped right to the bottom line!

The research supports this as well: invest in developing your people, with someone who is trained to provide the development, and the probability of building an enduring, prosperous workplace leaps exponentially.  If you lead and manage a group of people, you now have an option that gives you back time and fosters an environment of learning, growth, and excellence.

So let's get to it: partner with an Organizational Mentor, be a leader and a learner and allow your staff to do the same.  I'd be delighted to share the program with you, send me an email to connect,, and we'll set up a call.