Are You A Turkey?

Watching a cat walk around the grounds at the Albemarle Manor, I noticed how sublimely unaffected he was by two male turkeys courting a female, plumage out, strutting their stuff.

That cat did not care. He was not thinking, ‘hey, that wild turkey over there has it pretty good. I think I’ll try really hard and maybe someday I’ll be a turkey.’

Nope. That cat just sauntered over to the porch, leisurely climbed up the stairs, and found a sunny warm spot from which to contemplate his next meal.

I haven’t been like that cat. For years, I’ve been looking around for something better. More education? Sign me up! A new place to live? Call the movers.

When I realized that my quest for better wasn’t allowing me the opportunity to sit in the sun and just enjoy the day, I had that ‘drop the mike’ moment, and not in a good way. Crap, am I trying to be a turkey?

Go ahead. Laugh. I bet you’re guilty, too!

Maybe we all are. It can’t be bad to be driven to try new things, to change and grow. But it did make me wonder if I balance my drive with the satisfaction of achievement? Do I take pleasure in my accomplishments, like that cat, a full belly and a warm spot in the sun?

Not as much as I should.