Wine Harvest - living in the Williamette Valley is truly a gift! I’ve been invited to participate in the wine harvest and learn all about making pinot noir and chardonnay. See instagram pics!

Reading - New York Times has a daily briefing I enjoy, and they’ve just started an Impeachment briefing that, while I’m not enjoying, no matter your politics, I’ve haven’t found a single person to say they are enjoying these times, I’m at least getting educated.

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Reading - Brave New Work, by Dignan and Oregon Wine, by Stursa

Listening - JB Media Webinar - “Say No to Facebook” - Digital Drop In on youTube

Playing - Dundee Hills, hiking the farm lands and wineries. Outstanding!

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This month I’m reading…

“The Feminine Mystique” - Again - Thank you Betty!

“It’s the Manager” - Gallup - Clifton + Harter - Finally!

“Goddesses in Everywoman - Powerful Archetypes in Women’s Lives” - Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD - Just a refresher.

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