The Fun... we dread!

Recently I had a conversation with a client about taking a break.  She's a brilliant scientist who's dedicated her life to helping others achieve their goals despite unfair social and political obstacles. I admire her and want to do everything I can to help her achieve her dreams.

During this discussion, it became obvious that she needed a break, even if it meant a mini-break. We spoke about meditation and going for walks (take a look at this article on the lost art of walking). When I asked what she could do to have fun, she gave me a few examples of the things she'd like to do then paused and with a sigh, said, "yeah, the fun I dread."

Can you feel that? (I could. The second she said it, I asked if she would mind if I used it for a blog post.)

The fun you dread is actually all the stuff you have to do before you can enjoy the fun thing. Like that old joke about four guys golfing. (Find it here.)  And the killer thing is that, we really need a break, and want to have fun, but in our mind we begin noodling on 'the critical path to achieving the fun thing' and we're exhausted before we start. 

I thought about the two couples I have coming for dinner tomorrow night. Here's everything I have to do BEFORE I have fun:

*shop for the groceries, go to the wine store, check the recipes for ingredients, clean the house, set the table, make the sauce ahead of time, decide what to wear (double ugh, still have those lb's from the Holidays), purchase fresh bread day of party, flowers, and last minute chocolates for table decoration.

AND THEN, I can have fun.

If you're not taking a break and having fun because the fun thing takes advanced project management or would require MS Project to complete, take a second to rethink fun.  I just did. I called my guests, each one is bringing something, the dessert and salad are now not my responsibility. My significant other is making his famous meatballs, and I decided that the whole house doesn't need to be cleaned just the kitchen and bathrooms. I further decided that since it's still winter I don't care if I have those few extra LB's, they're keeping me warm. So I'm happily suggesting to guests to wear whatever is comfortable, and they can come in yoga pants for all I care! 

HUGE SMILE! I'm now back to just: FUN! 

Here's the behind the scenes update this month:

[Reminder:  It's my job to hoover up any interesting tidbits I find on work, personal development, and change, especially on the topics of sabbaticals, early retirement, self-employment, and revenue generation.]


  • This post has been marinating for awhile and I think this post by Liz Gilbert about self hate, pushed it out and onto the page!


  • Instead of watching the market decline or the political debacle breathing down our necks, I began wondering what I wanted for the second half of my life. I find these two articles interesting.  One is by an ex-pat who lived in Norway and she refers to this ARTICLE about the data behind America's seemingly endless love affair with the word entrepreneur.



  • I talk with ya'll a lot about the difference between entrepreneur and all the other methods of creating a revenue stream.  Sometimes the first step to ditching economic worry is understanding that there are options, like freelancing, or contracting or consulting. Here's Seth Godin on the topic. 

Too many people tell me they're stuck, hate their jobs, can't leave. My response?  Maybe yes, maybe no. You do have options. My online course the The Brutal Truth - a personal development course for NEW entrepreneurs, is well underway. My plan is to offer the course again in the April/May time frame.  If you'd like it sooner and want to take it with friends, let me know and we can run a 'private party!' 

Do also check out my new services page, there are a lot of easy ways to we can work together, so don't let any stinkin' thinkin' get in your way!

Be well, Kelleen