The Brutal Truth About Work

On Feb. 2nd, I will launch the course I wish I'd had 16 years ago, fresh out of Columbia with MBA in hand, switching from Wall Street to an executive position in a high tech company. Back then, if I'd known more about me (not the carefully crafted, socially acceptable me), I probably wouldn't have accepted that job, or have wasted so much time trying to fit into a broken economic system.

In a nutshell, the Brutal Truth is that. It is accepting what work has become for many, and what options we have to fix it.

For each of us there is a hidden small voice that permits us to do certain things, and precludes us from doing others. The Brutal Truth is that many of us traded in our economic freedom when we were in our 20's, we traded it for a certain future, one where we would make ever more money, achieve ever more responsible roles, and move ever closer to the golden payout: retirement with $$$.  

Roll back the tape.  We have to start over. We have to re-engage the parts of ourselves that still have a passion to do and create and serve. Why? Because there is no golden payout, not unless we make it for ourselves. 

The Brutal Truth is that working for ourselves is no longer a far out option, or an option only for those who are clearly visionaries, or even for those risk takers who delight in the scary roller-coaster ride of entrepreneurship. Creating a revenue stream from whatever source we choose is no fairy tale, and in fact may be the only way forward for many. 

If we take that statement as a fact, let's for argument sake say we agree with it, then what are the next steps?  What work should we do? How do we know if we have the skills and talents we need to succeed?

That's what the course is all about.  

It's about testing yourself, using the enneagram, the strengthsfinder, and other tools to dig deep into what makes you happy and fulfilled. It's also about new ideas, sharing resources, getting feedback, encouraging others, and seeing yourself in a new more adaptive identity.  Along the way, I will share the mistakes I've made - there were plenty! - and the successes I've had. I almost gave up numerous times! And yes, it was brutal, sometimes, and exhilarating at other times.

At depth, the course is really about getting to know your unique strengths and assets and what they, in combination, can bring to your world, especially your work identity. It's about busting out of ruts, the ones that keep you thinking you ARE that diploma on the wall, or that 20 year career. You aren't. 

And that's the Brutal Truth.