“To succeed in this new world, we will have to learn, first, who we are.”

- Peter F. Drucker, Leading 20th Century Management Thinker


This is for you if you’re tackling a big work quest. By quest, I mean, project, opportunity, or challenge. You might be looking for new work, better coworker relationships, a raise or promotion. Clients come from every industry and every kind of work.

My favorite place to start is with self-discovery - what do you really want to do for work - and follows through with a strategy to go get it! If you already know what you love doing, we’ll work on building connector skills, negotiating, even role-play interviewing if it will better prepare you for your future work.

My Process - The Delta Framework

I’ve created a process called the DELTA framework. The process is designed to be worked on three fronts simultaneously: self-discovery, skills + talents, and strategy. Here are the four questions that we’ll work through:


What’s working and what's not working?

Whatever you want to change, we'll work together to develop a plan, understand what it'll take to get there, and what's missing from your personal tool-kit.

Do you have the talent, strengths and knowledge?

I use real time feedback tools and assessments, and chunk the data into smaller pieces that can be more readily integrated. I’ve been using the Enneagram in my practice for almost 11 years and combine it with the Strengthsfinder2.0 to tailor the feedback to each client. If you haven't heard of the Enneagram, you're in for a treat - get ready to finally understand your colleagues, housemate, or co-founder. And laugh at your own idiosyncrasies! It's accurate, valid and oh, so very helpful when the going gets rough.

Who supports you?

Friends, connections, and mentors help us make the moves that will make an impact. We'll mobilize yours. (PS. I'm one of them!)

How well do you know yourself?

I used to call this section 'character' - not anymore. This is about identity. And no, not social identity, but a far more lasting sense of who and what you are, and exactly what and how you can integrate that into your life. 

The hardest part about knowing yourself is knowing HOW you 'break into jail!' We all do it, whatever ego-based fear or block we have, it will and does get us into trouble, and it takes consistent work to break back out. Having a co-pilot means someone else is looking where you aren’t and noticing these pesky tendencies. Very helpful!  




1:1 Vision Partner


Overview: All of the individual clients listed on the testimonials page started with this package. The learning curve is steep, we'll work together for about four months, not just during your session either. I'll be available between sessions so you have deep support. There will be a ton of exciting information, discovery, and insight. We will delve deep into how you like to operate, what makes you happy, what doesn't, what you do well, your likes and dislikes. We'll look at your natural skills and what's transferable. This is an exciting and fun time - creative ideas, lots of feedback, building skills. My job is to investigate and explore alongside you, make suggestions, offer guidance, connect you with people I know and help you stay the course. You will move your work forward, and new options will present themselves, often in areas you’ve never considered.

Duration: 10 - one hour long mentoring sessions, approx. four months

Format: Live, phone or Zoom

Plus One



Overview: Almost without fail, a new client will tell me they wish they could gift a session to someone they know - a spouse, a friend, a new graduate, a co-worker. This is a single session that helps them with self-awareness and the attitude and approach they’ll need to make good choices. It’ll also be a tool to strengthen your relationship with them using the enneagram as a tool for communication and understanding. Spread the word - with education comes understanding, with understanding comes compassion. With compassion, together we can change our world. (yeah, for realz :)

Format: Live, phone or Zoom

Don’t take my word for it…

Psst. Just so you know…


  • you want to figure out what your true contributions are and make a bigger impact in the world.

  • you are open to discovery, about yourself and others.

  • you are curious, have a sense of humor and adventure.

  • you like to learn.


  • you don’t want to work hard and contribute your true talents.

  • you are highly skeptical about mentoring or coaching in general.

  • you aren’t willing to pay for something “you should be able to do yourself”