Your work life just got a whole lot better.


Do you own a business and want your team to go to the next level of performance?

Do you - yourself - want to grow as a leader and find work you’re passionate about?

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Every story has a beginning…

As an owner, you may be faced with a merger, or a toxic culture, or disengaged employees. Alternatively, you might sense that the time is right to bring in some new approaches to developing your team. Learn more

As a leader, you may need to do something different. Often in an introductory call, I’ll hear, “I’m exhausted… I need some help… I’m bored out of my mind… I’m overwhelmed.” Learn more


what we do…

For businesses, we fix the messy (aka human) side of work.

  • Conflict

  • Toxic culture

  • Merging teams

  • Disengaged employees

  • Low performance

  • Herding cats

  • Overwhelm/anxiety/trauma

For individuals, we help you discover a better relationship with work.

  • becoming your own boss

  • finding a new job at your old company

  • negotiating a raise/promotion

  • developing your inner leader

  • defining your legacy

  • PRofessional/personal crossroad

    (We’ll probably help you clean up a mess or two along the way.)

How We Do It…

For organizations:

Culture Cure:

12 mo. program. Transform people issues into greater productivity, peace and profits. 

Learn more

For teams:

Team Transformation

1/2 day workshop or retreat. Get everyone on the same page so they can work better together.
Learn more


For leaders, owners & employees:

Vision Partner

1:1 mentorship. Achieve your goals with clarity, support (and a little tough love).
Learn more

For boards:


1/2 day or full day meeting facilitation for strategic planning, board meetings, team building. Learn more



next steps…



This is how things really start rolling. Let’s get on the phone and talk and we’ll see what’s needed. Just fill out the request for a call. It’s free and who knows where we’ll go!


We work with individuals and leadership teams & boards. We facilitate large and small events, mentor teams and individual contributors, and consult on the topic of creating great cultures.


Occasionally great resources come my way, and I’ll pass them on. Or, I’ll see something that others are experiencing and want to pass it along. Go to the News page to see what’s cooking.