Vision - a personal development course. 

Starting:  June 2016!

Duration: 4 weeks

Format: Self-study 

Cost: $89

Overview: Let's face it, we're all entrepreneurs these days. Gone are the pensions and the cradle to grave work histories. We all have to get flexible about our work and where our revenue comes from. That's why I've designed this course. Vision is a month long mastermind program that cuts out the woo-woo and goes deep on what makes you tick and what makes you shut down. 

Vision is for the mid- to senior executive looking for the next career move or a side hustle or a lucrative hobby. It's for the stalled start-up entrepreneur or the savvy artist. Being successful in this work economy means knowing what you are all about, first, then deciding how those skills and talents can be combined into lucrative work. This is a self study course and includes weekly emails, private blog, and of course feedback from me.  It's time to change. 

The insightful guidance and tools Kelleen utilized to facilitate self-discovery and clarification of my business mission and niche were brilliant. Though an on-line course, Kelleen was accessible and responsive to my unique needs and questions which had a feel of intimacy and authentic concern. I highly recommend [it].
— Dianne Vetter,