Session Two: Discovering the Nature of your True Identity

Hello Everyone!  Greetings from The Mountains, I hope you're well.  How's the homework going? I've heard from the majority of you that you've completed the assessments. Excellent. I did want the Enneagram assessment completed by this week, so if you've done that, wonderful! If not, please complete it before you listen to the above podcast. You'll want your results in front of you in order to get the most out of the session.

Before we get started take a close look at the cartoon.  Be thinking about where in your life you're too busy to see that you're being offered an easier way to do something!  Okay, here are the assignments for this week:

1. If you haven't completed the Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment, please do that this week. Post your strengths here, so we can process them together. The benefit to you if you post them is that I will be able to compare them to your enneagram results and interpret them for you, or at least provide one interpretation to get you started.

2. Please read what each strength means in the Strengthsfinder book or in the materials Gallup sends you after you take the test.  What surprised you?  Which strength surprised you and why? Do you see examples of this as a strength in your life? How do these strengths support or negate your results from the Enneagram? How do the results from both of these assessments confirm your list of what makes you happy and what makes you sorry, the list you put together in the pre-work?

3. Last, I have prepared an exercise called the Dinner Table in My Head. 

This is an imagination exercise. I call this exercise:  “The Dinner Table in My Head.”

You are many people.  You are not just the self you know as the person who gets up every morning and brushes your teeth and goes to work. That is what I’ll call the ‘local self.’ You contain many selves, and some of them are very accomplished, with varied skills and aptitudes. You are  - Gardener, Cook, Handy person, House cleaner, Complainer, Executive, Traveler, Meditator, Lover, Healer, Teacher, Sibling, Weak One, Parent, Drill Sergeant, Critic, Strong One, Leader, Child, Procrastinator, and so and so.

Imagine you’ve prepared a magnificent dinner; you’ve set a beautiful table and invited everyone important IN YOU, to the feast. You approach the table and pull out a chair and everyone else does the same.  Who is there, which of your masters, your skilled experts have come to the feast?  Where do you sit, where does everyone else sit? Is anyone sitting off to the side?

Now imagine you have to tell the important people ‘in you’ something difficult - you’ve lost your job, or you’re moving far away, or you don’t want to be with a certain someone anymore. Whatever the difficult discussion, now go back to the dinner table, has anything changed?  Did new ‘people’ join?  Did others leave? Did anyone switch seats? Who is talking? Are you listening? Is anyone else?

Over the course of the coming week, try this out a few times when you have a difficult situation crop up.  Who comes to the dinner table in your head and what do they do? And what do they say?

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