Session Four: Building the scaffolding of your enterprise

Okay, my friends, this is it! The session we've been building towards. Thank you to Dianne, Pam, and Joe for their blog contributions.  For anyone who has not yet posted, there is still time, please do so, if you can. This is rich deep work and will aid you on your journey.

In the podcast above, there are essentially two exercises that I describe in a lot of detail.  The first one is the Chronological Life Timeline.  The second one is called The Decade Chart. I know the description in the podcast may seem complex, so if you have any questions, post them or email me and we can go through it.

The exercise is designed to be done many times, or better said, refined many times. Adding to the chronological list means you add to the decade chart, and as you do that you broaden the database from which you can determine what the scaffolding of your life is.

I will be offering a second online class that will kick off where we left off here. You are the only ones that will be invited to that class, so I encourage you to keep going and to continue with your cohort.  I will kick off that second online class in the April/May timeframe. The working title for the second class is:  The Keen Servant.

Once again it has been my pleasure to work with you. The blog will remain up and accessible until roughly the end of March, so you have plenty of time to check back in and finish up whatever you need to finish. If you could do something for me, it would be to tell people about this course, The Brutal Truth, and let them know I will run it again in the Spring.

Be well, Kelli

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