Session Three: Working with Others

Hello again Everyone!

How are the assignments going? I'm very interested and eager to see what comments and questions you have.  Remember you can call me to set up a time to discuss your results and your progress, so please let me know if that would be helpful.

The two podcasts above contain important information to the course.  The first one is a summery of where I hope you all are, what you've discovered, and a sneak peek at where we're going. The second podcast is the deep transformative work of piecing together the individual self research with the integration into your work and life, aka the outside world. 

The last few minutes of the second recording refer to The Highest Goal.  I realized afterward that the information wasn't as clear as I would have liked. So here is more detail. The Highest Goal is a book, by Michael Ray, and it's listed in the syllabus. On page 8 of the Introduction (paperback version) you will read a section called the Most Meaningful Thing.  This is the intro to the highest goal. Please follow his instructions and complete the assignment, essentially answer the questions he poses. Then proceed to Chapter 1 page 17-20 and read the section, called "your early experience of the highest goal."  The assignment here is to write in your journal your earliest experience of the highest goal, and the most meaningful thing. In next week's class, we'll pull all of this together and focus more specifically on what kinds of work or projects are reflective of your most meaningful thing. 

I think that the podcasts have enough exercises in them to keep you all busy; do let me know if I'm correct or if you'd like feedback and are willing to take on more work.  There are certainly more things you can be doing, however, the reading, coupled with the reflection, coupled with the writing and the sharing seems like a fairly substantial amount of work already.

A big shout out to Dianne for posting her results and comments in the the second week's assignments. Thank YOU!  Please do follow her lead; I will be responding to everyone who posts something, so go back and check out the dialogue. That's all for now! Be well.

There is nothing easy about becoming conscious. My own life was much easier before I knew about the deeper meaning of choice, the power of choice that accompanies taking responsibility. Abdicating responsibility to an outside source can seem, at least for the moment, so much easier. Once you know better, however, you can’t get away with kidding yourself for long.
— Caroline Myss