It all started when…

I was sitting in the auditorium at Columbia University, listening to the welcome speech from the Dean of the Graduate School of Business. I remember feeling overwhelmed. There were very smart people in the room, smarter than me, and I was having serious doubts about my ability to keep up. I don’t remember what preceded this, but when it was time for Q&A, I raised my hand and asked: "In what class will we learn how to work well with each other?"

As the old expression goes, 'that's all she wrote.' Whether or not I would be able to pass a test on the optimal cueing time for emergency 911 calls became less important than answering that question. I was 100% captivated. And from that moment to now, it's been my sole focus.

My mentoring practice is the result of that focus. After Columbia, I researched master’s programs focused solely on helping individuals in organizations bring their best self to work. Johns Hopkins had (and it still is) the only program with this specific training. In 2003, I received my master’s in organizational counseling, a joint Business & Education degree specializing in combining OD and organizational psychology with professional counseling and coaching. I opened up a practice in 2003, working part time for myself and full time for Corporate Executive Board, now Gartner, as an Executive Advisor.

My work since then has led me to the understanding that our personalities and our internal operating systems are the two biggest factors contributing to our ability to work well in groups or teams. And few people talk about it in the work setting! 

Psychologists do - they formulate assessments, like the MBTI or the DiSC, and companies buy these by the truckloads. But when and how do we practice the newfound awareness that assessments like these impart? Who is providing individuals with a process to actually become more emotionally intelligent?

Not a lot out there. So in 2008, I began working full time doing just that, providing practical useful instruction to improve self awareness and thereby collaboration. My passion has been to help people change the conversation around work - to work with colleagues they respect and care for, to make decisions for themselves, and to develop their own mastery and passion so they can feel satisfied with their contribution.

Human beings are brilliant and creative and messy and challenging. When they come together in an organization, they bring it all with them.  A leadership team can recognize this and respond in a more tailored manner. One-size-fits-all professional development is outdated, as is Taylorism and most management theory since Henry Ford famously uttered:

"How come every time I need a pair of hands a whole person shows up?"

That's my work in a nutshell. The whole person, at work. Think about it - if you had a team of whole, self-aware contributors, all collectively working together to build an enduring business, how much less time would you be spending on motivating, engaging, incenting, de-escalating, and functionalizing? How much more time would you be spending on doing the things you were hired to do? Sell, market, account, strategize, product innovate?

Ah, I could talk about this all day. In fact, I'd love to do that, in person or over the phone. So here's my ask of you - do connect with me. Tell me about your work and your business. My contact information is on the Contact page.

And, please do continue to be brilliant and messy. Not only is it our true nature, it produces extraordinary results!

Work well. Be well.


My Credentials

PhD. coursework, CIIS, Psychology

Masters, Johns Hopkins University, Organizational Counseling

MBA, Columbia University

BBA, St. Mary’s College, Business Administration

Learning In Action Certified EQ Consultant