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Every story has a beginning…

Do either of these sound familiar?

As a CEO or business owner, balancing people and productivity has never been more challenging. A new strategy, product or service? Merger or acquisition? Could be the team is disrupted, new leaders, or disengaged employees? Bottom line: change is happening, and the humans are going a little nuts!

Team dynamics getting a little dicey?

As a professional, if I had to guess, I’d say you’ve probably been successful in your career but, for whatever reason, you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling. Work isn’t working. Not interesting, not fulfilling, or worse. It could be causing you a great deal of stress. You may need to do something different.

Work not working?

What clients said on their first call -

  • “We’re going through a big change and it’s rough. Some people are calm, taking it in stride. Others? Whoa, the wheels just come off the bus!”

  • “I work for a small/medium size company and love the people and work, but the boss, wow, no words!”

  • “I don’t care what people think about me, I just want to get the work done.”

  • “I want to grow my business and grow personally. Why do these things seem so opposed to each other?”

  • “I’m in meeting after meeting, no time for lunch and forget about a break. I can’t get my own work done.”

  • “Mentoring schmentoring, just a bunch of people trying to tell other's what to do. I should be able to figure this out myself.”

  • “I’ve got a good job, pays well, I should be happy. Nope. I just played online solitaire for four hours! I can’t do this anymore. What’s wrong with me?”

  • “I’ve had my business for 15 years. I’m tired, constantly getting sick, and overwhelmed. But, if I don’t do this, what will I do?”

If you’re nodding your head along while reading any of these actual quotes from clients, it’s probably time to change things up a bit!


Are you ready to shift your focus?


I’m here to help!

Hi! I’m Kelleen. I mentor leaders and business owners and facilitate team discussions to create the potential for high performance and truly creative and prosperous results. 

There’s a shift going on in the world of work. If you’ve found your way here, you’re a part of it. At first it started slow, like snail’s pace slow. Doug McGregor started questioning management theory and workplace practices in his book, “The Human Side of Enterprise” in 1960! Didn’t go so well. Seems Taylorism was so firmly entrenched even laments like Henry Ford’s 1906, “How come every time I need a pair of hands a whole person shows up?” were accepted at face value. 

Fast forward, the shift has become a full-blown movement. With research like Pfeffer’s, “Dying For A Paycheck” and even newer, Gallup’s 2019, “It’s The Manager”, we have lift-off! Gallup says, “The new purpose of business – and the future of work – has to include maximizing human potential.”

YES! And that’s what I help you do.

What the whole world wants is a good job. This is the new will of the world.
— Gallup, 2019

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