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For owners, leaders, and their teams - unleash the power of loving your work!

(psst. I work one-on-one with individuals and with groups!)

Invest in your team. Encourage vulnerability. Love your work.

what we do…

Align The Team - one x one Calls

First step, figure out how everyone on your team prefers to work. Using the Enneagram, we’ll create some language to discuss differences, and find appreciation for each individual style.

Put ‘em in Action - Workshop/Retreat

Next up? Let’s bring everyone together workshop style, and talk about the misfires, mistakes, and home runs. We might decide to clarify roles or even the overall mission, anything that eliminates confusion and clarifies the job.

Keep ‘em Going! - Mentoring/Coaching

Make it stick! No one’s perfect, neither is a company. Both need constant access to support, encouragement, and sometimes, a little tough love that furthers everyone’s goals. This is on-demand, on-site or phone-based, leadership mentoring.

Hi! I’m Kelleen Griffin, and I’m a part of your workplace leadership team.


Human beings are brilliant and creative and messy and challenging. When they come together in an organization, they bring it all with them.  A leadership team can recognize this and respond in a more tailored manner. One-size-fits-all professional development is outdated, as is Taylorism and most management theory since Henry Ford famously uttered:

"How come every time I need a pair of hands a whole person shows up?"

That's my work in a nutshell. The whole person, at work.

I partner with you and your team to bring out the brilliance, and minimize the mess.

The retreat was a great success thanks to Kelleen’s masterful facilitation, helping us move seamlessly into the next phase of our strategic planning. She was without a doubt one of the best facilitators I’ve worked with; I highly recommend her
— Courtney Reeve, Executive Director, Aspire! After School Learning, March, 2019

Did You Know?


The number of workers actively disengaged from their work.

This from Gallup’s 2013 poll. Actively disengaged was considered a slightly more acceptable term than ‘hating’ their work.


of Owners of small businesses are 50-88 years old!

Yeah, we were surprised by that stat too! Checked it twice, Gallup and Forbes reported it. And, another 33% are 35 to 49 years old.


of the US Workforce, that’s 55 million people, are freelancers.

That number is expected to go to 43% by 2020! “94% of the net job growth in the past decade was in the alternative work category and 60% of that was due to the rise of independent contractors, freelancers, and contract company workers.” Forbes, January, 2018


Number of businesses failed due to disgruntled workers!

Impossible to know this figure; possible to surmise it’s not a small number.

$190 Bn

work Stress Related Health Costs

A group of Stanford professors released their research findings recently citing up to $190 billion in additional healthcare costs associated with workplace stress. $190 billion in workplace stress is probably why there are 55 million freelancers in the first place! People aren’t going to ‘Die for A Paycheck’ anymore.


Here are a few small steps you can take to understand your relationship to work and start moving in a more satisfying, healthy and hopefully profitable direction.



We work with individuals and leadership teams & boards. We facilitate large and small events, mentor teams and individual contributors, and consult on the topic of creating great cultures.



This is how things really start rolling. Let’s get on the phone and talk and we’ll see what’s needed. Just fill out the request for a call. It’s free and who knows where we’ll go!Feature 2



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