"Kelleen is a great coach. She effectively supported me through the process of understanding my strengths to effectively position myself on the market. She helped me to analyze myself to become more aware of my qualities and to increase my self-confidence."
Federico Romani, Director of Finance, Oil & Gas Industry, Italy

“While most people turn to their family and friends (or internal reflection) to help them navigate some of life's biggest shifts, I can say first-hand that having a mentor who is unbiased and expertly trained to listen for the important things that are often hidden in between the words you say is irreplaceable. Kelleen has an innate ability to "see" the true purpose and soul within people and joins you hand-in-hand along your journey to self discovery. I have called on her a number of times when life threw me curve balls (career shifts, monumental life events, and even interpersonal conflicts)...each time she has delivered the kind of empowering truth I needed to push through and become more insightful, confident, and ready to embrace big change. I'd strongly urge anyone who's on the fence about needing a coach to try her free consultation—you'll be hooked (and a more whole person from that moment on)."    Erin Pfiffner, Creative Lead @ Yext, ex-CEB

"Her work is really unique.  What she brought ..was both sides of the brain at a very deep level.  We were going through a big transition.  Kelleen really had the skill set to manage it.  It's one thing to talk about it and another to be able to do it..... She was indispensible!"
Rene Ancinas, CEO, Port Blakely, Seattle