A mentor, n., serves as a role model, coach, and confidante, offering knowledge, insight, perspective, or wisdom useful to the mentee. Since 2003, I have helped professionals make the decisions and choices that guide them toward fulfilling work and personal development and creativity.

What success looks like...

Federico Romani

Oil & Gas Finance Director


"Kelleen is a great coach.

She effectively supported me through the process of understanding my strengths to effectively position myself on the market. She helped me to analyze myself to become more aware of my qualities and to increase my self-confidence."

Erin Pfiffner  

Creative Director & Entrepreneur


"Passion is the bedrock of Kelleen's philosophy, and boy is it contagious. She is 150% dedicated to the holistic well-being of her clients and genuinely thrilled by the small and big wins she helps ignite. Kelleen has helped me reconnect with my life story and I am thrilled to continue the partnership throughout upcoming chapters."

Rene Ancinas

President & CEO, Port Blakely Company


"Her work is really unique. what she brought was both sides of the brain at a very deep level. We were going through a big transition. Kelleen really had the skill set to manage it. It's one thing to talk about it and another to be able to do it. She was indispensable."

A look into my life

My interest in people development stemmed from my passion for reading - somewhere between Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie, I discovered Carl Jung and Margaret Meade and was hooked. If I'm not reading or working with clients, I'm probably hiking. Some of my other passions are studying cultures and anthropology, water preservation and organic gardening and, very important, that first sip of coffee every morning!